Speedy delivery

Speaking Safety with Every Step

Versoflor provides you with limitless options to create safe, comfortable, intelligent and informative spaces.

Transform any Industrial Space

Minimal preparation required on most industrial concrete slab surfaces. No specialist tools required, simply unpack your
versoflor and start laying. The finished floor will transform any industrial space and becomes the platform for the rest of your Versoflor system.

Efficient compliant work spaces

ISO Working practice

As ISO 9001 compliance and accountability becomes more and more a part of everyday working, Versoflor aims to support the creation of compliant warehousing, factories and work spaces.

Versoflor provides a system capable of identifying, directing, organising and facilitating good ISO practises throughout any work space, using colour, info graphics, zone control, lighting and more.

Clear and Effective Signage

Using the mosaic insert feature of the Versoflor system, clear customised info graphics can be produced to identify any location. Fire Exits, First Aid Points, parts stores, safety walkways, quarantine, all can be identified on Versoflor flooring.

Cable/Hose management for electrical, water and air routing

Versolink System

The verso LINK system is an innovative new approach to cable and hose management.

A simple V-Cradle designed to support a wide range of cable or hose diameters, clips directly into the grid pattern of the upflor tile surface.

The cable or hose is then laid onto the V-Cradle and retained with standard cable ties. Finally the durable cover panel is fitted into the upflor grid pattern to completely hide and protect the cable or hose within.

includes an optional Ramp feature. Just like the cover system the Ramps are clipped into the upflor grid pattern
providing a secure transition in level to allow wheeled access across an installation.

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